The Visionist & her creative team

Innovation and art is right up Heidi Steck the owner’s alley, having studied at The Inchbald School of Design and with her being an Interior Designer, Heidi dedicated to innovation with an eye for style, elegance and visual representation. Her overall knowledge of the arts and passion for the business comes together, bringing life to this exquisite brand. Heidi was born in South Africa and left for Europe when she was 6 years old, where she grew up and lived in Monaco and London. Heidi returned to South Africa at 21, bringing back a certain European prestige.

In 2010 we nurtured a brand devoted to exquisite décor products that represent her love for South Africa’s endearing style, with a focus on simplistic authenticity. Giving Orgari by Heidi Steck its essence.

Through increasing demand and exhilarating growth, the brand has grown to enjoy a global following reaching as far as Europe, England, Australia and the United States.

The Origin behind our Inspiration

Orgari by Heidi Steck umbrellas variety collections, each unique in its continuation of the African heritage as an Orgari piece.

Africa is home to some pretty iconic trees: the mighty and mythical baobab, also known as “the tree of life”, the vibrant Jacaranda tree is iconic to Pretoria. The Acacia Tree also known as “the umbrella thorn”, but there is nothing quite as spectacular as the “Erythrina”, the coral tree.

Orgari designs are also influenced by various birds: The South African national flower, The King Protea with its elegant Cape Sugar Bird, the irresistible African Hoopoe and the striking King Fisher. Iconic Fauna and Flora that has a strong impact on our designs are the indigenous Cape Disa and the charming Flamed Lily in its vibrant color. Wildlife also contribute in a variety of designs like the spirited Vervet Monkey and the majestic Leopard.

Our values of craftmanship, quality & design are embedded in each of our pieces. Hand sculpted and hand painted by locally trained artists – an ongoing skills development initiative and the embodiment of the cultural significance of our pieces.

Orgari by Heidi Steck, flagship boutique and production facility is in Franschhoek, the “French Corner”, which is one of the oldest towns in the country. Originally settled in the late 17th century, the Franschhoek Valley was first name Olifantshoek, translated to “Elephants Corner”. Long gone from the area, elephants once roamed wild through the vast mountain ranges that surround the rich valley.

Providing excellent products and exceptional service, our location embodies the true Orgari spirit, creating a shopping experience that is unique and prestigious as the brand itself, bringing the story full circle.


The Black rhino (which are grey) are browsers, using their pointed upper lips like a miniature elephant trunk to twist off low-growing branches of trees and shrubs.

Our black rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros and its preservation as a species has decreased tremendously in recent years due to increased poaching putting this magnificent animal onto global awareness.

The collection consists of large and small ceramic rhinos, individually hand painted and signed by the artists. Each piece comes with a hand signed certificate of authenticity and is beautifully packaged.

Perfectly proportioned and sculpted life-size fiber glass rhinos and calves are available in a variety of Orgari designs.


This collection honors perhaps the most awe-inspiring member of The African animal kingdom.

The Franschhoek Valley was historically known as Olifantshoek – Elephants Corner, as the Elephants would come into the valley calling this there home.

Orgari decided to continue this heritage through the creation of our My Olifant Collection. The collection consists of exclusively hand painted large and small ceramic elephants. Each piece comes with a hand signed certificate of authenticity and is beautifully packaged. As per our My Rhino Collection, a life-size fiberglass Elephant calf is available in a variety of Orgari designs.

3. The Dung Beetle Collection

Often Overlooked, the Dung Beetle plays a vital role in maintaining equilibrium in the ecosystem.

These enchanting insects roll their ball in a straight-line over-all sorts and sizes of obstacles.

Two “rolling” Beetles, a male and a female create the ball – the male roles the ball with the female often hitching a ride on the ball. When they reach a soft spot in the soil, they will bury the ball and mate underground. The female lays her eggs in the ball, and the larvae are left to develop using the dung as sustenance during the metamorphic process.

This collection aims to create awareness about this beautiful insect as they are endangered.

The spheres representing the dung beetle ball, are made from white ceramic and are individually Hand painted and signed by the relevant Artist. The Beetles themselves are crafted from pewter then dipped in Sterling silver and the body is hand painted white ceramic.


Our dinnerware is prestige elegance in eight designs, depicting our magnificent African fauna, flora and wildlife.  Crafted from soft paste porcelain, the strongest of the porcelain family, it is highly durable, chip resistant and known for the sheer purity of its shade of white – the perfect canvas for any culinary art work.

The range includes dinner plate, side plate and soup bowl.  Also included in the ranges is espresso cups and mugs.

5. Panama Hats

Our authentic Panama hats, are hand painted for the individuality and lifestyle of those seeking something unique in mind.


Orgari jewelry collection is a true reflection of the exquisite beauty of the landscape that inspires us.  Made from actual flowers, each one painstakingly selected and quite unlike another, the pieces are unrivalled in their individuality and are singularly unique.


Our latest addition, Ubuntu Legacy celebrates 100 years of legacy and heritage. Our inspiration comes from the highly original and influential shirts worn by Nelson Mandela.

“In South Africa there is a concept know as ‘ubuntu’ – the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will be in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others.” – Nelson Mandela

Empowering & Skills Nurturing – Our Philosophy

With guidance and unwavering commitment Orgari helps in the development of skills through art training. Our artists produce most recognisable pieces of art in South Africa and their work travels the globe.

Become A Part of Our Legacy:

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Continue following our journey and remain updated on our latest collections, product offerings and annual events.

Wholesale Range

If you are interested in becoming a stockist of our wholesale range. Please contact us on

Lovemore Siwela

Lovemore started training and developing his skills as a fine Artist in 2001 in Johannesburg.

He joined Orgari by Heidi Steck in 2014 as a fine artist and when the opportunity came to move to Franschhoek, he took the chance to grow in this venture. Today Lovemore is not only a skilled fine Artist but an Art Manager and with Heidi they put their ideas into masterpieces of art. Lovemore has since trained 15 individuals to become Fine Artists. Lovemore’s vibrant smile and enthusiasm for life shows through his beautiful masterpieces. Keeping others inspired.

Matthew Tembo

Mathew joined the Orgari by HS team in 2010 and has since grown into a man of many talents. Matthew manages our production side and works closely with Executive Coordinator Nicky Strydom on orders locally and internationally.

Nicky Strydom

Meeting Nicky at a show in 2012 where she purchased her first rhino little did, we know that she would become a big part in our future. In 2013 Nicky joined the Orgari by HS team in Johannesburg. In 2015 when the opportunity arose to move to Franschhoek, this Capetonian born and bred did not hesitate to embrace the change. Since then Nicky is Heidi’s righthand lady.

Inke Kemp

Beautiful and energetic Inke Kemp joined us in 2017 and is Orgari’s sales Representative. Inke has a passion for art and is also known as one of the first faces of well know artist Lionel Smit.